Life became too dull. everyday same routine, going to office, working at home. can we do something for our self.  it's not about making identity, we are  not fed-up listening MOM MOM MOM.. it is not about good or bad mothers , but doing what do you like, which is somehow disappear in accomplishing daily duties. Some internal motivation required

So thought creating a website , where we can publish more ideas not limited to cooking, crafts but to anything, where mothers can help other mothers , so that

We can help each other by creating some smart ways to work. Also we can get time to work on our hobbies

Recipes which take much time to Cook, so not favorites of Moms as they have to spend lots of time

  • Litti
  • Thekua

Now a days Children are more creative, also time to time they get projects on Making some craft. let's Find an easy way of doing the same

  • Rakhi Making